Award winning breakfast :

Our breakfast facility has been adapted as highlighted via our risk assessment to  provide you with maximium safety and ensurance of social distancing rules , and still provide you with a table service of our award winning breakfast .As a result :

No buffet is available until further notice to minimise any contact as per government standards.

Offering a variety of hot rolls as part of our new room service option 

Your  breakfast will be served in the dining area with tables clearly zoned within the in social distancing standards.We have a large dining area so you will feel confortable during breakfast

Breakfast Timing have been adjusted to ensure no contact in corridors with other guests


Your breakfast will be brought to your table by trained (on the updated procedure )assistant , wearing a mask.The assistant will ensure the rules set out in the risk assessment are adhered to at all times

The asistant will wash their hands between each serving ,table/plate clearing and table  cleaning before serving another table  or resetting a table .This action will be strichtly adhered to at all times by the breakfast assistant

Clear contact and non-contact zones in the kitchen and  cleaning area are set up to prevent ANY cross contamination .

From our award winning menu served from 8:30 to 9:30 each day :-

Freshly brewed tea and cafetiere filter coffee served to your table with toast with the option of wheat intolerant toast, special diets are catered for .

Full Scottish Breakfast all locally sourced ; bacon, pork sausages, black pudding, haggis, tomato, mushroom, tattie scone and Scottish farm free ranged eggs fried, scrambled or poached.
Vegetarian or Vegan full Scottish - tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages ,Scottish farm free ranged eggs as you like, tattie scone and beans. 

Food Provenance 
At Bythesea we are committed to providing you with simple, healthy food contained in dishes that reference Scotland’s wealth of ingredients, our only proviso being that quality and integrity must never be compromised.

To this end, over 75% of our ingredients are produced in Scotland, with many of them sourced within a few miles of us. 

Our sausages are hand-made by Tarelgin a local farm, less than 6 miles away .
Our award winning Mckechnie Jess black pudding is a classic Scottish Pudding.
Our haggis is Scottish scorced Mcsween
Our Scottish tattie scones are made from Scottish potatoes.
Free range eggs are from award winning Scottlay farm a local farm 7 miles away .

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your breakfast experience.

Julie &Wilson Mcilwaine 
Bythesea .